#Superbowl & Social Media

So let me confess from the outset that I am not a football fan, in any sense of the word. I like to play the UK version though and am not too bad (I can even kick with both feet) – but I do like #Superbowl Sunday for one reason and one reason alone….to see who’s mad enough to be paying more than $4 million for a 30-second spot!!

Yes, for me, the best part of the Super Bowl is seeing big brands pull out their A-game both for those aforementioned commercials and for hopping on the hashtag bandwagon via Social Media Channels! I thought I might jump on the social media bandwagon and so created this graphic below and shared it.

Super Bowl Sunday - East Vs West - Who will win the Super Bowl?

I will be in my bed when the game kicks off here in the UK! I’m not sure who I’d root for if I were a football fan…because I have a good friend in Seattle (working at the coolest ever radio station KEXP) but almost all my family is based in Patriots country! My dad is a native New Englander so I would bet he’ll be leaning toward the East in this match.

In any event Social Media and the Super Bowl go hand in hand. Here are few articles on the matter.

Will be interesting to see who the big players in Social Media are. I may monitor Twitter before I nod off to see the conversations taking place later. Who’ll be the Social Media winners today do you think? I’m off to watch  some of the #superbowl ads…

PS: the Dove one for men, well it made me cry.

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