Five Minute Firesides with Founders 2: Tammie Chrin KDP 4 B2B

Five Minute Firesides with Founders Tammie Chrin

Firesides with Founders (POD) – Tammie Chrin

And we’re back again this week, with another Friday Five Minute Fireside chat with a  fabulous founder, Tammie Chrin from KDP 4 B2B. Just like with our last Founder, Cindy Minear, I met Tammie through conversations about Print on Demand on Clubhouse. What I really liked about her story was the amount of money that can be made using her “twist” of a method. I’ll let her tell you more…

Where are you based?

Denver, Colorado

Tell us about your background…

I started my Print on Demand journey in 2018. I started with low content books like lined journals. Sales were low, so I thought, what if I create a service for business owners to develop have a branded booklet for their business like a tracker for a gym & a journal for a therapist. And that’s how KDP 4 B2B was born, which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing for Business to Business

How/when did your Print on Demand journey begin?

I have always been an entrepreneur, my husband and I knew we wanted to get out of our brick and mortar businesses. We started out selling on Amazon in 2014. My husband is still a part of the Amazon selling, more on the private label said, and I’m on the Print on Demand-side. We wanted a business that we could do from anywhere and have our companies as a part of our lifestyle.

What’s your most/least favourite aspect of creating products?

My favorite is creating branded booklets for businesses and teaching others how to create a recurring income stream with the KDP 4 B2B model. My least favorite would be the admin side of the business. Luckily you can hire experts in their field to help you with it.

Your elevator pitch: (If you have a B2C/B2B business)

Hi, my name is Tammie Chrin, founder of KDP 4 B2B, which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing for Businesses to business. I help people Harness the power of print on demand to make a recurring income stream with branded booklets for businesses. KDP 4 B2B is a way for businesses to evaluate their brand by using Amazon’s print-on-demand service to create branded booklets that will help a business stand out from their competition.

3 Tips (Resources, tools, advice, for any newbies)

1. You do not have to have a graphic design background to build you Print on Demand businesses.

2. With Print on Demand, you have no inventory cost.

3. Canva & Aududu Book Creator are my go to tools.

Where can people find out more about you? (Eg. website, social or store links etc).

My website is just my name Tammie Chrin and you can find the rest of my links here (on linktree).

I love her way of running a Print on Demand business. She doesn’t need to faff about getting the keywords, listings etc. That’s down to her clients!

You can find her podcasts on her links or head over to her Youtube to get all her content there.

Before you go…

Oh and before you go, head over to my links page for all my top recommended tools and creative resources…

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