Ted Lasso Conference This Weekend

Ted Lasso Conference - Lasso Con

Lasso Con – A Ted Lasso Conference

Just a quick update ahead Lasso Con – the first ever Ted Lasso Conference. We were delighted to sell out our FREE tickets – and decided to add a few more.

If you don’t know what it is, and how it came about, I recently penned a post about Lasso Con which may be of interest to you. If you’re already booked up and want to know the rough running order you’re in the right place.

Day One: Lasso Con

Lasso Con kicks-off (see what I did there) this Saturday at 12pm Pacific which is 8pm UK. (Google your time zone if it’s different) 🙂 Myself and my two, fellow Bay Area buddies: Chris Yeh and Tim Taylor will give a brief opener to the conference, share how it came about and what we love about Ted Lasso.

After we’ve done a bit of a chat, we’re handing the virtual Mic over to one of the key podcasters, Christian from Richmond Til We Die. His talk is “How Ted Explains the Divine Feminine”. Honestly I have no idea what that even means, so looking forward to the education! 🙂

Then Christian will be joined by a few of the lovely folks at Cult of Lasso and Lasso Cast. They’ll be talking about their respective Ted Lasso projects (content they create and their stories etc). I am so excited about this!

Day Two: Lasso Con

We’re back on Sunday with two more hours of Ted Lasso chats. My buddies Chris Yeh and Tim Taylor will be holding an interesting (knowing them “high brow”) discussion about Ted Lasso & Healthy Masculinity. Again not really sure what that entails, so I am looking forward to learning more from these bright gents!

We hope to have one or two surprises in here, to host a little Ted Lasso quiz. (I need to finish writing that tonight). Phew! Not sure what format the quiz will take, or if I’ll use a 3rd party tool to run it, but the questions are pretty fun, and it’ll be a great way to end this, our first, two-day Ted Lasso fan conference.

By the way, if you don’t manage to get on the Zoom call, you’ll be able to stream it live via my Thea’s Things Facebook page. Please also follow our Twitter account – @LassoCon and use the hashtag #lassocon to be a part of the conversation.

Honestly, I’ve no idea what to expect from this weekend but I do guarantee it will be a boat load of fun talking about our favourite TV show. What more could you ask for?

We are so grateful for those who have come forward to help us make this fan conference happen. We’re even talking about doing another one after season 2 is complete. Believe! (But, hey, let us get this one out of the way first though, eh?)

A Few Ted Lasso Articles This Week

What a heck of a week it has been. Anyone else avoiding all articles about season two of Ted Lasso or is it just me?

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