Thea’s 3 Things A Canva Feature, Update and App

Thea’s 3 New Things in Canva Feature Update and App

Canva – Feature, Update and App

Hello, digital creators and design buffs! Thea here, spinning the latest tracks from the dynamic world of Canva. As we count down to next month’s Canva Create, we’re tuning up our design toolkit with some chart-topping news in the form of a Canva Feature, Update and App.

Canva Page Limit is now 500! Hooray Woman jumping through 500.Crank up the pages!

Let’s start with the exciting news about Canva page limits. Back in the old days, Canva allowed you to create documents with up to 100 pages. This limit was then increased to 150, later to 350, and now it’s jumped to a whopping 500 pages.

Why is this awesome? For one, you can now design full-year daily planners in a single project without the hassle of combining multiple PDFs. Additionally, this increase makes it possible to create a complete year’s worth of social media content in one document. This is not only convenient but also enhances workflow efficiency, allowing for better organisation and planning. What does this page increase mean to you, if anything?

Canva presentation? Try the new Canva Appear on Click feature to display one at a time content.Canva’s New ‘Click to Appear’ Feature 

Moving on to the next Canva update, we have a new feature that’s a game-changer for anyone using Canva for presentations. The ‘Appear on Click’ function allows you to reveal text, graphics, or any other elements one click at a time—perfect for creating dynamic and engaging presentations.

To activate this feature, simply add your desired text or graphics to your page, click on ‘Animate’, and you’ll find ‘Appear on Click’ at the top of the animations panel. This enhancement helps you control the flow of information, making sure your audience stays focused on what you want, when you want.

Save time in Canva with Design to Image app - pictured on a desktop computer in living room on a desk.Canva App: Design to Image

Last but not least – a relatively new app called ‘Design to Image.’ Initially, I was somewhat indifferent when it first appeared in Canva’s Apps store—honestly, I didn’t quite ‘get it.’ That changed after watching a short tutorial by my friend and fellow Canva Verified Expert, Brenda Cadman, from Canada. Her demonstration was a real eye-opener, and now, I find myself using this app daily.

Previously, if you created a design—like a logo—and wanted to use it in a mockup, you had to download the design and then reupload it to your uploads or a specified folder. It was a cumbersome process. With the ‘Design to Image’ app, this becomes seamless: create your design, head over to the Apps tab, search for ‘Design to Image,‘ and instantly, your design is in your uploads. This eliminates the tedious download and reupload steps.

Another practical example is when you create a book cover and want to display it in situ; ‘Design to Image’ simplifies this process dramatically. Have you tried this app yet? What do you think?

NOTE: You can only do one page at a time.

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