Thea’s Canva Chat – Mid-March 2024

Thea's Canva Chat Mid March 2024

Thea’s Canva Chat

Oh my gosh, there’s so much to pack into what I think will be a fairly short post. Where to begin? There’s the Canva Create news, my 10th Canvaversary, changes to the 45-Day Pro Trial, an update on my FREE 15s at 3:15, and more.

Canva Create screenshot on a computer with a keyboard plant etc.Canva Create

First of all, have you signed up for Canva Create? This year, the event is not only taking place in LA but is also open to the public. It’s FREE online and not free in person…You can learn more at that link.

I’d planned to head out for it, but the universe had a different plan for me…Namely, a dental implant – which I am estimating will cost about the same amount as a trip to Cali would (when you add up flights, rental car, food, and accommodation for part of the time). So alas, I’ll be joining my fellow Experts for a “Watch Party”.

Speaking of events…

Enterprise Nation Small Business Scotland meetup - Thea Newcomb dropping Canva tips.Enterprise Nation – Scotland

I’m so pleased to have been asked to drop a few tips and tricks at next week’s Enterprise Nation Small Business Scotland event. I absolutely love sharing knowledge and often surprising people who use Canva every day with bits of info. In Scotland? You can learn more and book your FREE spot here.

Celebrating my 10th Canvaversary - a Zoom screenshot on a tablet. Feb 19, 2024My 10th Canvaversary Party

On February 19th, I celebrated my 10th Canvaversary by hosting a FREE, live webinar. Around twenty people showed up to celebrate with me for an hour. I demonstrated my usual “Canva Wins” before showcasing an App or two.

I am grateful to all who showed up – especially those that replied to my personal email afterwards, giving me a testimonial. Cat emailed to say:

As always it was fantastic to be in attendance at a Thea tutorial. Although I use Canva most days and consider myself well versed in Canva, Thea always teaches me something new and I love learning from her. Her lessons are fun and well paced, she is always happy to repeat or explain things in a different way if it wasn’t understood the first time. Thea is my go-to Canva expert.”

As I often say, “I know not everyone digs me or my style of training,” so it’s always nice when people do!

It’s hard to believe how life-changing Canva has been for me. What about you?

Final Days of the Canva Pro FREE 45 Day Trial.
Click this pic to upgrade – Valid until April 30, 2024

Canva Pro Free 45 Day Trial – Ends 30 April 2024

Unfortunately, Canva has decided to remove our FREE 45-day Canva Pro trial effective 30 April 2024. That means you only have a few weeks to grab the 45 days until that date.

After having that sweet offer for about five years now, I’ll have to spend some time removing that link that’s been splattered all over my blog and socials. I am so sorry if you’re reading this after that date and missed out on those two extra weeks.

Learn more about Canva Pro here.

Free 15 @ 3:15 – Likely to End 30 April 2024

As regular readers of the blog will know, I’ve been doing FREE bite-sized Canva training sessions every Monday at 3:15 London time and again at 3:15 NY time.

On these calls, which are different every time, I have shared tips, features, and usually an App too. (Do you know how many Apps are in Canva? I’ve been asking that all over my socials. Care to guess?)

The view was to both help people and also record content for YouTube – that didn’t happen as often as it should have. I’d forget to record stuff, or I didn’t cover anything “new”. Also, and perhaps the saddest part of all, is that several times people booked to join the call and just didn’t bother to show up. So maybe I can find another way to help people.

Learn more about the FREE 15 @ 3:15 – London and New York

In Summary

Ok I said it would be short and it is. You’ll definitely want to sign up for Canva Create and if you’re not on Canva Pro, grab those extra two weeks now. Next week my Canva Verified Experts swag is due to arrive and I am looking forward to a new Canva baseball hat. it’s the little things in life eh?

If you need Canva training, want me to speak at an event or on a podcast, then please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

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