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Thea's FREE 15 @ 3:15 PM Mondays = Thea Newcomb Canva Verified Expert

FREE 15 @ 3:15 Canva Session

Hey there! As we embrace the festive season, I’m thrilled to unwrap my mini holiday gift to you: ‘Thea’s FREE 15 @ 3:15’ – a unique opportunity to enhance your Canva skills, every Monday, and it’s absolutely free!

Designed for all you creative minds out there, this offer isn’t just for the holidays; I’m planning to keep this going into 2024! Keep reading for all the details on what it is, when it is, and who it’s for – let’s go…

What is ‘FREE 15 @ 3:15’?

Imagine a weekly power-up for your Canva skills – that’s what ‘FREE 15 @ 3:15’ is all about. As a Canva trainer, I’m hosting two live 15-minute sessions every Monday. The first session kicks off at 3:15 pm UK time, followed by a second round at 3:15 pm Eastern, catering to different time zones and schedules. (Essentially 3:15 pm UK and 8:15 UK! I mean, I could have done 3:15 Pacific, but honestly, I should be winding down by 11:15 pm! Am I right?)

What to Expect

Each session is a compact yet rich learning experience. I’ll showcase ONE specific Canva feature, app, or tip, and answer any quick Canva-related questions you have. Designed to highlight the Wow factor, The Free 15 is a perfect blend of demonstration and Q&A.

It’s my aim to equip you with a bit of practical knowledge you can immediately apply.

Why Should You Join?

  • Direct Access to Expertise: Get answers to your Canva queries from one of the first twenty-five Canva Verified Experts in the world!
  • Learn New Skills Quickly: Each session is focused on delivering actionable tips in just 15 minutes.
  • Flexibility: Choose the time that suits you best – or attend both!
  • Continuous Learning: Feel free to sign up for multiple sessions to progressively build your Canva prowess.
  • Complimentary: And did I mention it’s a chance to learn from me for FREE??

How to Join:

Signing up is easy! Just visit my Calendly link below. Just choose your preferred time slot, and you’re all set. By registering, you’ll also become part of my exclusive mailing list, giving you access to more Canva insights and updates. I am going to do my utmost to have a hard stop at 15 mins (wish me luck!) 🙂

3:15 London Monday

3:15 N.Y. Monday

A Little Extra

Please note, that all sessions will be recorded, so expect to see snippets of these sessions on social media – bite-sized inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing all week long! By booking on you’re agreeing to be added to my Canva mailing list.

In Summary…

‘FREE 15 @ 3:15’ is more than just a quick training session; it’s a community of learners and creators enhancing their skills together. So, whether you’re a Canva newbie, or looking to polish your existing skills, these sessions are for you.

Let’s make every Monday a day to look forward to – filled with learning, creativity, and fun. See you there!

About Me

I’m Thea Newcomb, Scotland’s first Canva trainer and a proud Canva Verified Expert (page 9) With over a dozen years in training and nearly a decade mastering Canva, my passion lies in empowering individuals and businesses to unleash their creative potential. From workshops to webinars – worldwide – I bring the world of Canva to you, making it simple, enjoyable, and immensely rewarding.

Book 3:15 PM Book 3:15 PM
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