Training the Trainer – Always Learning

Training the trainer - always learning

Training the Trainer – Always Learning

Updated Feb 2022: Checking Training the Trainer for photos and links…We are all always learning. It’s only Wednesday and already it’s been an incredible week here. Monday morning I sat in on a course run by Business Gateway called “Advancing your Analytics” or something. It was taught by my NSDesign colleague Brian Tait who runs an Online Marketing Management company, Aillum, here in the West of Scotland. In the class he covered Google’s Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Adwords too. It really felt like each section could have been its own three-hour course there is really so much to it. It was good an inspiring for me to do some work on both my site (this one), on and Silicon Valley Installation Company too!

Very inspiring. Might need to book Brian for some more one-to-one tuition so I can get some bespoke help with all of the above.

It’s Tuesday, I Must be Blogging

Then first thing Tuesday morning and I was in on another course – this time on blogging which was run in Glasgow. I was just there to shadow someone, so perhaps best to not say too much about that one, but alas I learned a lot at it, and was inspired at that one too.

PS: It looks like I shall be teaching this very course soon. More revealed later on that one. But if you’re looking to learn more about Blogging then check the Business Gateway site for events in your area.

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” –  Bruce Lee

It is true, we really are never too old to stop learning. And just because we may THINK we’re pretty well versed on any given topic – we aren’t or at least there is always room to learn more. I find I always learn something from every event, course, networking night etc – especially when it comes to the digital realm.


Tuesday afternoon, post-blogging I was in 29 Glasgow (a private members club) to discuss our next event which will be about Google’s array of valuable products – Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google+ too. Currently trying to find the right person to talk about G+. I would do it but as I spoke at our last event I don’t want to hijack all of them. There are plenty of talented experts around the Central Belt who can do it! Any ideas on who would be great to hear from? Let me know soon! If you’re interested in attending our next event it will be 30 October at 29. It’s a great informal night out for those of us who aren’t brilliant at all those cool morning networking events 🙂

Note from today's SEO Feedback Form
Positive Feedback Today!

Ho Ho Ho – it’s SEO

Today I was down in Ayrshire to deliver some Business Gateway training, on the subject of Search Engine Optimization – to a great group of SMEs. The session was very action-packed. There were a lot of questions, comments, interaction etc.

It was my first time delivering these slides (but not the first time delivering the course itself) – so I was glad to have walked away feeling like they’d learned something and I enjoyed doing what I do – immensely! Here’s a picture of a note on one of the feedback forms. I can’t quite work out what it says, but what I can make out sure sounds good! 🙂 Maybe I should add a “testimonials page” for things like this 🙂 Sleep time. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!

Before you go,…

Hey before you go, you may want to swing by my new and improved Links page – where I highlight a few dozen creative resources and tools, freebies, extended trials and more!

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