Is Canva Pro Worth It? Try Canva Pro for Free

Is Canva Pro Worth It? Do not upgrade to Canva Pro Unless...

Is it Worth Upgrading? Try Canva Pro

Have you been debating whether or not to try Canva Pro? If you’ve been considering it, but are still unsure of its benefits, then scan this post. By the end of it, you’ll know if upgrading is right for you. (Already convinced? Try Canva Pro Free here!)

As you probably know, Canva is always FREE. That means, you can create any size or doc type – in the free version of Canva. You can even use FREE elements for both personal and commercial use too!

Truthfully, I often say “Don’t upgrade to Canva Pro…unless…” Unless what? Well, unless you who want more of everything. The following will outline what I mean by that!. If you want, you can try it free for 45 Days using my special ambassador’s link.

The Main Differences Between Canva Free vs Canva Pro

When it comes to the difference between Canva Free and Canva Pro – I usually say you get more of everything. Below is a list of what I mean by that.

  • Canva Templates: On the FREE version you have over 250,000 template options but on Canva Pro you will have over 420,000!
  • Canva Photos: There are over 200,000 FREE photos in your FREE account and over 71million available with your pro membership. (Pro Tip: If you’re on the FREE account, you can easily find those free photos by searching on and choosing “free” from the drop down menu. Once you find ones you like you can “star” them for access inside your editor. (My Youtube tutorial will walk you through the steps if you need to see it in action).
  • Graphics: Choose from almost 60,000 FREE elements in Canva or 4.5 million in the pro version.
  • Videos: If you want to make a video in Canva using their videos, you can pick from 13,000+ FREE videos. In Pro though, that number jumps to 2.5 million videos!
  • Audio: Free sounds to choose from is just 75, whereas Canva Pro has over 25,000 tunes!
  • Fonts: Honestly 1700 fonts is probably more than you’ll ever need but there are two font-type benefits of Pro. 1) You can select one of 3,000 or you can upload your own!
  • Animations: When it comes to animated effects, you have approximately double the options to choose from.
  • Storage: It’s a big jump between 5GB FREE and 100GB on Canva Pro.
  • Brand kit: 3 colours is all you can store in your Canva Brand Kit on the free account. Multiple brand kits are a Godsend on Pro. This is exceptionally helpful if you work with clients, or you juggle different projects with different brand kits. In the Pro version you can upload those fonts (as a I already said) and all of your logos too. All in one handy place – which is something I use every single day!

Don't Try Canva Pro for Free Unless...More Canva Pro Features

It’s worth pointing out a few of the top reasons to upgrade to Canva Pro.

  • The Background Remover feature is awesome. You can take your pics (and selfies) and remove the background on them
  • Magic Resize – need a bigger or smaller design size? Resize with just one click with “magic resize”
  • Download transparent PNGs – this is something I personally couldn’t function without. I use it pretty much all day everyday (especially for logos or merch – like t-shirts or stickers)

Here are a few lesser talked about perks of Canva Pro:

  • Version history is super handy option – especially if, either you or a client’s, mucked up a design. Version history allows you to go back to how it was earlier today, yesterday or even last week etc.
  • Export SVG files – again this is one that’s exceptionally handy for web or print on demand graphics.

Are you ready to Try Canva Pro for 30-days?

Well if you’re convinced that Canva Pro is right for you then why not upgrade now. If you’re still not sure, then that’s OK, you can come back if/when you’re ready or check out the FAQs here.

Canva Pro won’t be necessary for everyone but if you’re in business, it’s 100% worth it and it’s a “tax write-off”.

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