Twelve Weeks of Joyfulness – My Mixcloud Journey Continues

Twelve Weeks of Joyfulness. My Mixcloud Journey Continues - headphones on a laptop

Twelve Weeks of Joyfulness

It’s time again – time to recap my twelve weeks of joyfulness. Is that a word? I don’t know or care…As we close out another week, let’s take a moment to reflect on the latest happenings from my Mixcloud adventures. In this blog post, we’ll delve into this week’s uploads, share some exciting stats, and discuss any other news from the past seven days. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Going Viral: Statistics and Listener Locations:

This week, the stats went through the roof thanks to a lovely Irishman promoting the show to his captive, music-loving audience (more on that in a bit). It’s been a stellar week on Mixcloud, with an overwhelming amount of support coming from Dublin, where we racked up an impressive 64 spins! Glasgow and Cork weren’t far behind, with 5 spins each, and we also welcomed listeners from Ireland, Australia, and even Japan. A big shout-out to the 5 new followers who’ve joined us, bringing our total to 28 (myself included on a different account).

The busiest streaming days were Friday and Saturday, with total listens reaching an all-time high of 6,487—408 of those just from this week! I was also touched by the lovely comments from some of you. Your support is what keeps this musical journey alive and kicking. Here’s to more shared memories and new discoveries in the weeks to come!

Radio Archive – Q96 in 2006 – My Final ‘After Dark’

Radio Archive #013 took us back to a pivotal moment in my life – my final show on Q96, aired on September 27, 2006. As the station was on the brink of closure, this ‘After Dark’ show was filled with mixed emotions. A bittersweet mix of indie, classic rock, and Motown tracks accompanied me during those challenging times. Yet, at the same time, there was a palpable excitement in the air, as I was about to embark on a coast-to-coast road trip across America. This show is a time capsule that captures the essence of my radio days, and I invite you to take this trip down memory lane with me.

A Joyful Journey to Ireland

Enormous gratitude to Fanningsessions for spotlighting this week’s Joyful Journey, ‘Mid-Summer Night: Shamrock-N-Roll.’ This mix encapsulates the vibrant energy of July 1991, a time when my world was filled with excitement for a life-changing UK adventure and a deep appreciation for Irish music.

The compilation features everything from household names to long-forgotten indie acts, spanning a variety of genres but all connected by their Irish roots. The music was a backdrop to warm Cupertino nights and dreams of future travels. Fanningsessions, a Twitter friend of three years, shared this mix with his Twitter and Facebook communities, attracting listeners from Dublin, Cork, all across Ireland, and beyond. His support has been an unexpected gift, and I am immensely grateful for the new listeners and shared musical memories that have come my way.

That’s a wrap…

Well, that’s a wrap for this recap of my twelve weeks of joyfulness on Mixcloud. Digging through some archives looking for what to upload this week. As we’re starting November, perhaps I’ll go with my ‘November Spawned a Monster” mix? As for the Radio Archive, I sure wish I could find an L107 show but I can’t remember getting any recordings of them. Will keep digging through my various archives – probably on a CD somewhere.

If you missed last week’s update you can find it here.

PS: Oh by the way here’s the Fanning sessions tweet.

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