Unlocking the Power of QR Codes with Canva and Canva Apps

Unlocking the power of QR codes in Canva

The Power of QR Codes

Hey, lovely people! Guess who’s back for your weekly dose of all things Canva? That’s right, it’s me! I’ve been buzzing to share some really cool features that Canva’s cooked up for us. If you’ve been keeping up, we’ve recently delved into the game-changing Canva Translate, the eye-catching Canva Infographics, the interactive wizardry of Canva Typeform and custom text in Typecraft too. This Wednesday, we’re flipping the script and diving deep into the fascinating world of QR codes. So stick around, because today’s nugget of wisdom is all about bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

NOTE: If you’d rather watch than read, I’ll add my two-minute, 3 Canva QR Code Generators tutorial at the bottom.

The Origins of the QR Code

Before we jump into how Canva can supercharge this technology, let’s roll back the years a bit. Originating in Japan in the early ’90s, these nifty two-dimensional barcodes were initially aimed at tracking automotive parts. Fast forward to today, and they’ve become a staple for instant data sharing in our tech-savvy world.

Revolutionising Everyday Interactions

Long gone are the times when these smart squares were just for keeping tabs on inventory. Here are some ways they’re making life more convenient and engaging:

  • Event Tickets: A scan at the door replaces the old rip-and-tear method.
  • Networking: Add one to your business card to link straight to your LinkedIn or website.
  • Dining Out: Goodbye, paper menus. Hello, digital dining experience!
  • Retail Perks: Businesses can include them on promotional materials for quick access to special deals.
  • Educational Engagement: Turn classroom posters into interactive learning stations.

Now, let’s get into how you can easily create your own QR codes using Canva and Canva Apps such as QR Code and HeyQart.

Open your Canva Design

There are now several ways to create QR codes in Canva. Today I am going to focus on just two. The original one we’ve had for years and a new one by Hello QArt.

To get started you’re going to:

  • open any size of Canva doc type (e.g. a Social Media post, a business card, flyer or anything).
  • scroll down to Apps.
  • search for QR Code or type in “Hello QArt” direct in the search box at the top.
  • whichever of these two you pick, the same principle will apply – with the exception of Hello QArt which gives you the option to add a prompt to create an artistic QR code.
    Canva Apps for QR code generators
  • So for Hello QArt – select ‘Open’ and then paste your URL

  • After you paste your URL type in your desired artistic prompt. Keep it as simple as possible as the results are varied to be sure. I tried things like “baseball hat” and it wasn’t great. I chose “black pug” and it did good. So it may take a few attempts to get a design you like.

Here are some examples and where they point

The Pug for my friend Brian who is a Mortgage consultant in Chicago and owns a pug called Frito.

Frito the pug

I did one for a “special offer” for the Goldilocks Networking group for my Canva/KDP training. It took about FOUR attempts. I finally went with “Sunflower”. Female entrepreneurial types may want to check out Goldilocks. It’s a lovely group of powerhouse women.
Goldilocks Networking offer for September
Then I did one to buy my Totally Content Books (activity books). I used “Christmas Tree”.
Buy Totally Content Books - QR code with Christmas Tree
Finally one that connects to my Linkedin profile for good measure. I used “Blue love heart”. No idea why but it was simple.
Connect with me on Linkedin a Blue heart QR code.

In Summary

That’s a wrap for today’s Canva low-down. Hope you’re buzzing with ideas for QR codes, be it for work or just for kicks. While Canva offers a range of QR generators, I’ve focused on the ones I’ve actually used: the original for ages and HeyQart just recently. Both are a blast.

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