How to Upload Images Into Canva From My Computer

How to import images into canva - also audio and video too

Ways to Upload Images Into Canva

The other day, after a webinar I did for Scottish Business Week, I got asked how to upload images into Canva from a PC (but the same applies for a Mac or Chromebook or what have you). Sometimes I forget that people that come into contact with me are brand new to Canva and don’t always know even the basics.

I start off every training station with the words “With Canva there are many routes to get to the same destination”. So I will give a couple of ways to get your images (videos, and audio) into Canva from a computer.

1) When you’re on the home page at

To get to uploads from the Canva homepage, you simply want to:

  • go down the left hand side panel to ‘All your folders 
  • click it and then select ‘Uploads
  • top right of your screen you will see the word ‘Upload
  • click that and choose your file

2) When you’re inside the editor (so you have a design/canvas open)

To get to uploads from inside the Canva editor, you simply want to:

  • scroll down the left panel from templates, passed elements to ‘Uploads’
  • click ‘Uploads’
  • hit the big purple button that says upload media (images, videos and audio)
  • the main purple button will allow you to upload from your computer
  • if you click the three dots to the right – you will have options to import your media from Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram and Dropbox (you will need to connect your Canva to those platforms in order to import.

3) Drag and Drop works too

If you are someone who likes to “Drag and drop” your files, this will work as well in both options. So from option one you can make sure your uploads folder is open and simply drag from your computer folder the files you want to upload.

When you have a design open you can either drag your file from your computer folder to the design or to the uploads. Voila.

Watch the “How to Upload Images Into Canva for my computer” tutorial.

If you’re more a visual/audio learner, then you might rather you can watch this short tutorial on how to upload images into Canva.

Before you go…

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