VEGAS – Yeah Baby, CES 2014, Here I Come!

VEGAS - Yeah Baby Heading to CES 2014

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VEGAS – Yeah Baby

Well it took 24-hours for the confirmation email to arrive, but it finally came in this afternoon! Hello Vegas – Yeah baby, I am coming. I am officially attending my first CES 2014 in Vegas, and I am filled with excitement. CES is like a gadget-lover’s heaven. It’s an annual global consumer electronics event that takes place every January in Sin City. It’s been on my “bucket list” for years now and I am finally getting to attend one at last…

Awesome CES Keynotes

So it’s all about the research of which Keynotes I’d like to see – Marissa Mayer the CEO of Yahoo, or Dick Costolo the CEO of Twitter. And which product demos I’m most interested in and of course the various conference subjects like – “The New Hollywood Equation: Content Owners, New Platforms, Agents & Commerce” and “The Smartphone/Tablet Economy: The Consumer Obsession” or “The State of TVs: What to Expect from the 2014 Slate” – to name but a few.

I suspect that a technology show like this will make me wish I could morph into several versions of myself so I could be in many places at once. Naturally that’s not possible so I’ll just have to prioritise my time in Vegas.

Miles of Technology

CES 2014 is all about the wearables, product launches every minute and the new kinds of TVs. It’s wall to wall awesome gadgetry.


UPDATE: Check out my CES post here.

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