Meet the New Verified Global Canva Experts & Certification Survey

Verified Global Canva Experts and Certification Survey

Meet the New Verified Global Canva Experts!

If you are here, I bet you are a keen Canva lover, and that you probably saw that Verified Global Canva Experts have officially been launched.

This post will discuss a bit about these “Canva Experts”, but I also want to hear from all you avid Canva users and content creators. At the end of the post, I want to learn more about your business and your hopes of becoming an Expert and the possibility of becoming “Canva Certified” (one day). OK?

First Let’s Talk Verified Canva Experts

Earlier this week, myself and two dozen others, were officially launched as the first batch of “Verified Global Canva Experts”. A landing page has been created (on Canva Websites, of course). After this announcement, many people were excited, a few were confused (especially by the name), and some were even angry. On Social Media, I saw a few complaints from people who have massive audiences, and felt they should be an Expert. (Perhaps so…but that may not be the way to go about it…It’s not just about having big audiences! I speak from experience!)

Former CCCs

The majority of us were already existing Canva ambassadors (known as Canva Certified Creatives or CCCs) and had been for years. Not all of us have massive communities, and rightfully so.

It’s not just about having large communities, subscribers or making viral tutorials. It’s about ebodying Canva’s Values and the ability to teach the tool well, consistently. So the experience of the first batch of “Verified Global Canva Experts” is varied for sure. Some are killer Youtubers, Instagrammers or bloggers. Some of us train via “in person” workshops. We are all a “Force for Good” in our ways!

FYI: I’ve begun featuring Canva Experts on this blog, so you can read about Brenda in Canada, Hadas in Israel, Nicky in England, and Ayo in Nigeria.

“How Do I Become a Verified Canva Expert?”

If you’re still reading this, then I know you want the lowdown on this hot topic of how to be an official Canva Expert. I get that. Canva Experts is a very new program and still in its infancy. At the moment the program is effectively in “beta” mode. The logistics of how the program works and how it will grow is still being shaped.
It’s not a case of being able to apply to become a Canva Expert now. It’s more a case of Canva proactively reaching out to content creators. I believe the current plan is to open it up  a few times a year and they’ll continually being evaluating the Experts and potential Experts.
I’d suggest that you start out by being in one of Canva’s large FB communities and posting interacting. If you’re a content creator, but not an affiliate yet, I’d recommend you become one and join the Canva Champions FB group. If you are more of a designer then you may find the that the Canva Design Circle is a better fit for you.

Canva Certified Creative Certificate - Thea Newcomb Summer 2022

“Does Canva Have a Certification Process?”

Another question that comes up a lot online (and on my blog) is about becoming “Canva Certified”. While a pilot test was created, and less than fifty of us completed it, certification has currently been shelved.

Canva Certification is something I’ve wanted for many years now, and thus I hope it is something that happens eventually.

You can become Adobe Certified and Microsoft Certified so one day maybe you can become Canva Certified…Honestly though, I get why it’s a challenge from Canva’s perspective. Who would it be for? What would it entail? Would it be something that would be charged for? Is it a one off? Are there different modules? Etc.

So on that note,….

What I want to know from you…

What I’d really like know, if you are someone who wants to become Canva Certified, what sort of business you’re in, how it would help that business, and what you’d expect the certification process to cover. Perhaps if we can demonstrate the need to become Canva Certified, they’ll consider it.
So what sort of content do you create? Have you got a community, group, blog, subscriber base? Go ahead and promote yourself on this post in the comments. It’s the one time I’m happy to promote all Canva content creators. (Just one link please). As a Verified Canva Expert I can relay back any feedback, questions, suggestions you, my fellow Canvanaughts have.

Before You Go…

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