Week 13 on Mixcloud – How Am I Doing?

Week 13 on Mixcloud - How Am I Doing? - a studio mixing board in the background

Week 13 on Mixcloud

Welcome back to another instalment of my Mixcloud musings, where lucky number 13 marks yet another week of auditory explorations. From reviving alternative ’90s vibes to revisiting my favourite tracks of 2012, this week has been a medley of memories and melodies. Join me as I delve into the highlights, happenings and stats for Week 13 on Mixcloud.

Stats: Steady as She Goes

This week may not have scaled the dizzying heights brought on by last week’s Fanningsessions shoutout, yet there’s a steady current in the flow of listens and engagement. My followers remain loyal, with our numbers holding firm (at 28)—no fresh faces this time, but the dedication of my audience is something to celebrate nonetheless.

The play count has risen to a respectable 426, with a total of 6,678 minutes of music enjoyed across the platform—154 of those minutes just this week. Friday, as is often the case, was our peak, attracting the most ears. A special nod goes out to top listener from Los Angeles—Cindy M., your steadfast support doesn’t go unnoticed. And while the week might not have brought a surge of new activity, my enthusiasm hasn’t waned. The journey, with its ebbs and flows, continues to be a source of joy.

Radio Archive #014

I dusted off the archives and brought to light a Radio Six International show from the sunny days of 2012. It was quite the nostalgia trip, revisiting the year’s fresh sounds as I’d played them back then. The set featured an array of artists from places as diverse as Ireland to Copenhagen and from the heart of the UK to the broad expanses of America and Sweden. Re-listening to the playlist, I was reminded of a few forgotten favourites – it’s funny how music can do that, isn’t it? I’m excited to share these gems with you – they’re just as brilliant now as they were then. Give it a listen and let these tunes transport you back to 2012.

Hello November – A Joyful Journey

The “Journey” on Friday took us back to the eclectic era of 1994 with ‘November Spawned a Monster,’ Joyful Journey #014. Named as a playful nod to Morrissey’s 1990 single, this mixtape is a true product of its time, put together one crisp Fall evening in my Glasgow flat. Featuring the Modfather’s wisdom, the shadowy depths of goth-rock, and the unadulterated spirit of Seattle’s grunge, it’s an eclectic trip through the sound waves of the 90s.

The mix ventures off the beaten chart paths, weaving through the melancholic melodies of the Welsh valleys, the vivacious vibes of Scottish bands, and the introspective echoes of American alt-rock. This collection isn’t just a series of songs; it’s a narrative, a sonic tapestry reflecting the cultural richness of a bygone era, resonating with the stories that music of the ’90s encapsulated. Delve into this nostalgic odyssey and let it reconnect you with a pivotal moment in musical history.

That’s a Wrap…

Well, that’s all for my week 13 on Mixcloud recap. Looking ahead, prepare for a lip-locking edition of the Radio Archive, laden with tunes about kissing, and anticipate a nostalgic trip with a Joyful Journey mix from a 1991 bedroom session. Both are brimming with favourites that have echoed through the halls of time.

Missed any steps along this path? No worries! You can revisit last week’s reflections or start from the very beginning to see how the journey unfolded. Your companionship on this musical voyage is always cherished.

Keep your playlists close and your memories closer. See ya next tune, and until then, keep the music playing.

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