My Sonic Journey: Week 5 on Mixcloud

My Sonic Journey: Week 5 on Mixcloud with studio mixing board in background

Week 5 on Mixcloud

Hey lovelies! Time to recap week 5 of my Mixcloud journey, where I’ve curated my 6th set of shows, each resonating with a unique vibe. Dive into my ‘Radio Archive #006’ from around 2012, and rewind to the late ’80s for another ‘Joyful Journey’. While I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this musical expedition, attracting listeners is proving to be a challenge. Maybe it’s time to fine-tune my marketing strategies. As for some new analytics, I had a look into where/how everyone’s been tuning into my shows, device-wise which proves interesting too.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s uploads, look at some intriguing stats, and send out some well-deserved shoutouts!

Radio Archive

This week’s Radio Archive is another gem from Radio Six International, where every song features the word ‘Heart’ in its title. But don’t be misled; these aren’t all love songs. If you appreciate variety, this mix is for you: from pop to jazz, acoustic rock to crossover country, it’s got a bit of everything. Admittedly, there were some sound issues; some tracks were so marred I had to snip them from the playlist entirely.

Stream it here:

Joyful Journey #006

Switching it up from last week’s ’90s mix, this week’s ‘Joyful Journey’ #006 takes you back to the ’80s. Straight from my bedroom archives and likely recorded around 1988, this mellow mixtape captures a rich tapestry of sounds. While English tracks take centre stage, they’re beautifully complemented by Irish melodies, a trio of American tunes, a sprinkle of Scottish harmonies, and a singular Swiss touch. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? (Pun intended!) Dive into the mix right here:

Just got an email from MixCloud to say “Congrats! You’re 18th in the global Acoustic charts!” That’s my best chart score yet!

On the Up with Stats and Shoutouts!

Gained two followers this week, though I had to give one the boot – random followers are all too familiar, right? My Instagram seems to be a magnet for them, but let’s not digress.

So far, there’s been over 2,700 minutes of listening and 148 plays since I started. Unsure if those not logged in affect these numbers, but interesting to ponder.

My top cities this week were Edinburgh, Swindon, Truro, and Manchester. Unexpectedly, I’ve also got listeners from Ukraine and Russia – intriguing!

Top listeners who were logged in: Andy, Iain, and Cindy (oh, and yours truly!). Cheers y’all.

And can we talk about my biggest listening day racking up 16 plays? It’s Friday (I’m in Love)!

Platform Playback Breakdown

Diving into the tech side, here’s how everyone’s been tuning in. The majority of listeners, 72 to be precise, have been vibing via the desktop website. This is followed by 46 on the mobile website. For those on the go, 10 have been jamming through the Android app, while 6 favoured the iOS app on their iPhones, and a select 3 on their iPads. A handful, 9 in number, accessed the mix through the widget, and shoutout to those sophisticated 7 listening via Sonos. It’s a diverse digital world out there, and I’m thrilled to be a part of your playlist, no matter the device!

That’s a Wrap on Week 5

As we close this chapter of ‘My Sonic Journey’, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s been tuning in. Each week on Mixcloud is a new adventure, a fresh exploration into the vast world of music. I genuinely hope that my passion, reflections, and the stories embedded in each track resonate with you.

If you’ve enjoyed this journey, make sure to subscribe for weekly updates. For those who’ve just hopped aboard, you can explore my adventure starting with Week 1 here.

Also, let’s keep the conversation flowing on Twitter or Instagram. Looking forward to sharing more sonic tales next week!”

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