If You Had a Magic Wand, What Canva Feature Would You Add?

Canva Feature requests what would you like to see in Canva

If You Had a Magic Wand, What Canva Feature Would You Add?

Just a quick post today to ask you, the awesome Canvanaughts, “If you had a magic wand, what Canva feature would you add? This was an actual question that Canva posted on its socials a few weeks back and I loved it. I saw it on FB, Twitter and on Canva’s Linkedin (as pictured below).

If You Had a Magic Wand, What Canva Feature Would You Add?

You Can Add More Than One

So if you wanted to add a feature or features, what Canva features would be your top choices? There were many excelled responses on the various social threads.

It could be pertaining to audio – like the ability to download as an MP3. That was something I was wanting a few weeks ago when starting my new bite-sized podcast to go with my new Thea’s 1 Thing newsletter. I made the podcast in Canva, downloaded it and had to use a third party tool to convert from MP4 to MP3. Not ideal.

Canvassador Annisha Gabriel suggested “Offline work mode”.

Several people want to “Switch Accounts” – which would be helpful. I can switch between my various team accounts but not between my free and Pro account.

Some Options Are Already There

There is so much in Canva it’s very easy to miss feature releases. It even happens to me, and as an official “Canva Expert” I generally have advanced into!! So I can fully understand when users don’t know everything that’s already in Canva.

One chap suggested a “Pen” feature to be added. Well, we already have the ability to use a pen, or your mouse – it’s called the Draw App and you’ll find it under the More… tab (bottom left of your editor). It’s the purple icon in the photo below.

You can Draw (use a pen) in Canva

Another girl said she wanted “beauty features” and I am not 100% sure what she meant,….But as a guess it’s what the “Face Retouch” does. Find it by adding an image, hitting “edit image” and it will be one of the zillions of photo editing apps in Canva. I love it. It smooths the wrinkles a bit, whitens the teeth and take the red out of your eyes so what’s not to like?

Beauty Features in Canva - Face Retouch

The request for “temporary gridlines to properly place elements, with precision” was shared. That’s already there in Canva already, too.

Find rulers and gridlines in you Canva editor under the word File.

Canva rulers and guide options

So What Canva Feature Would You Add?

I’d really love to hear what features in Canva you would like to see. Please leave a comment below. I’d be happy to relay them back to Canva on on our monthly calls.

So whether it’s a new feature or some functionality that you’d like to see in Canva, let me know.

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