What is a Canva Certified Creative & How Do I Become a CCC?

What is a Canva Certified Creative and how do I become one

What is a Canva Certified Creative & How Do I Become a CCC?

Update May 2024: There’s a new post that you should head immediately to if you had hoped be a Canva Certified Creative. (Before you go though, you may want to look at some alternative Canva programs at the very bottom of this page).

Hey there, I guess you’re here because you are interested in learning how to become a CCC (aka a brand ambassador). Almost weekly, someone asks me about this. Everyone wants to know the exact same thing – what a “Canva Certified Creative” is. Or others, who are already “in the know”, ask me how Canva certification works. Before we get to this invite-only program, let’s chat a bit about what it means. Then we’ll go over the criteria to become one, and finally I will tell you how you may begin the process with links below…

What Does CCC Stand for?

CCC stands for Canva Certified Creative. Essentially a Canva CCC is an unpaid brand ambassador. At the moment there are less than 200 of us around the world. UK: Two of us in Scotland with a few more south of the border in England!

What Canva is looking for is people with communities who are promoting Canva in some way – instructors and educators primarily.

In my case, I’d been demonstrating Canva in my workshops since I joined back in Feb 2014. (There’s a whole blog post about How Canva Changed My Life here if you’d like to hear my personal Canva story).

Then in late 2016, I began running Canva-specific, half-day workshops across Scotland.

In these Canva training sessions, I would teach Scottish business and professionals how to make graphics and market their businesses using Canva.

So though I didn’t have a Canva “community” online (like the majority of my CCC cohorts), I was training hundreds of (maybe even 1000s) people each year how to use Canva.

Therefor I qualified in 2018.

That ended up being one of the best and worst weeks of my life.

Now, due to the pandemic, I can deliver training globally online (via Zoom) – not just here in Scotland but globally.

Perks of Being a Canva Ambassador (Now CVE)

Well, OK, we may not get paid to be a brand ambassador but we do get some cool perks. (These are getting overhauled just now so list may vary).

  • Free Pro Account (with up to 4 Free Pro Team members) PS: I never knew this.
  • Canva credits – $500 credits to use yourself or share with your community
  • 50% discount on purchases of Canva Print
  • Exclusive CCC swag
  • Added to a private Slack group for Canva Verified Experts
  • Editable and designs to use to share content to your own community.
  • Access to internal experts and training
  • Monthly newsletter

I’d highlight that the FB group is really the most useful, as it’s a global community of like-minded Canva peeps. We share knowledge, support and ideas in the CCC group.

Honestly I am blown away by some of the CCC talents.

We get advanced access to new features first (to beta test them), the odd bit of insider knowledge, and a direct line to Canva itself, if ever we need it.

I love being a CCC. I wear that badge, I mean the t-shirt, with honour.

How Do I Become a CCC?

Canva is always keeping an eye out for people who are sharing Canva content and promoting the brand. You may very well be on their radar already.  To become a Canva CCC, you need to meet the following requirements: (This criteria is changing – will update when I hear the latest…)

  • Has your existing Canva account been running for more than six months?
  • Have you been actively and consistently been promoting Canva though educational content for over six months?
  • Do you have at least 1-3 promotional Canva pieces that have been created in the last year?
  • Are you ready to upload relevant docs/images/links to showcase these pieces of content in order to qualify?
  • Must be an English speaker as updates are given in English

Your content must be running across the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. (Though it doesn’t say so, I’d expect promoting Canva via Linkedin would also suffice)

Other ways to show your Canva expertise?

Instructors and online trainers via webinar, Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy and the like, blogging platforms, or offline workshops.

Do you meet the Canva CCC Criteria and Want to Apply?

How did you fair in the above requirements? If you meet them I bet you’re ready to apply.

Unfortunately, **the CCC application is currently closed…** But if you’re someone who is teaching people how to use Canva – creating tutorials, videos, blog posts, and so forth, then you may want to bookmark this link to apply to be a CCC.

If you don’t meet the Canva Certified Creative criteria yet, then you at least have something to work towards. Hope that was helpful.

Please please please direct any questions to Canva itself and not to me. Maybe I’ll see you in the CCC community soon. Good luck to all you fellow Canva lovers. Thea xo

Before you go,…

Here are some other links you may find useful:

Become a Canva Champion – make money as an affiliate. (I believe it’s the first place to really start on your journey to CCC – after joining the Canva Design Circle FB group).

You can also apply to be a Canva Creator. (Another step on the CCC ladder)

Perhaps you create images and videos and would like to become a Canva Contributor? (On Pause May 2024)

Wondering about going Pro? Read this blog post I wrote over on Linkedin: Is Canva Pro Worth It? (It Depends…)

Want to grab A Canva Pro FREE Trial? Go here. (Special ambassador’s link: normal Canva Pro trials are 30 days)

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