What’s New in Canva in This Year? Latest Features for 2021

what's new on Canva this year?

So What’s New in Canva for 2021 So Far?

Updated April 2024: Hello fellow Canva lovers! So I’ve not done a Canva blog in a good few weeks (or is it months?) and there have been a number of changes and updates to let you in on. So this is my first features update in 2021 to share what’s new in Canva in 2021. It’s going to be pretty short and not hugely detailed, but if you want me to dive deeper into anything you see here, then please add that to the comments below.

Also at the bottom of this post is some info about a new news “blast” I am setting up to hip you to all the Canva news as I get it (probably twice monthly max).

Some new Canva features include:

  • Shadows for photos
  • Frames for photos
  • Add “mailto links” to make your email address clickable (for PDF/Presentations/websites only)
  • Download presentations
  • New publish extensions
  • Infographic charts
  • Mockups integration

Canva Shadow Effects for Photos

I made a quick video using lots of cute horses to demonstrate how you can use the photo editing features to add shadows. Though the shadow effects for photos are free in Canva, some of the photos I used are “cutouts” which were Canva Pro photos. If you don’t have pro, and want to remove backgrounds from any of your photos, then use FREE Canva’s Background Eraser Tool. Or tryCanva Pro for FREE here.

Happy Canvaversary to Me

Here’s my Canva timeline in a paragraph. February 19th marked my Canvaversary!! In 2014, I signed up after seeing Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick both mention Canva on Google+. Though I’d quickly demonstrate it in my BG workshops from the moment I joined, honestly, I didn’t really embrace it until 2015. By 2017 had begun delivering FREE 1/2-day workshops for Business Gateway in Ayrshire. Then they rolled to other BG regions across Scotland. In 2018 became a CCC an official ambassador (1 of 2 in Scotland). 2020 saw all in-person workshops move to online training, now even globally!! I can honestly say that Canva has changed my life. I wonder where it me in the coming months and years…Crazy to think how signing up for just one tool can have such a huge effect on my life and career.

New Thea’s Things VIPs Blast

So I am in the process of setting up a newsblast that will go out one to two times a month (as I have relevant information to report). It will focus on Canva news, new features, tips ‘n’ tutorials, and any other wonderful content that inspires me about graphic design. You can add yourself to my VIP blast from the home page of the website. The intent is to give you valuable information, I promise to not spam you and I’ll give away Canva print credits or other possibly other cool freebies on a regular basis (once I get truly rolling).

So I said I’d keep it short, and true to my word that’s all.

Comment below if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Swing by my Links page before you go.

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