Who’s Ready for Lasso Con 2? Kick off at 12pm

Are you ready for Lasso Con 2?

Are You Ready for Lasso Con 2?

It’s that time already – Lasso Con 2 is finally here! On Saturday 4th December and Sunday the 5th, we’re back with around four hours of Ted Lasso celebrations! If you’re reading this, I am going to assume you already know what Lasso Con is – but if not, head to this post.

This post (which looks better on mobile!) is a brief outline of what is happening at Lasso Con 2.

  • We’ll kick off at 12pm Pacific (that’s 8pm GMT) – both days.
  • Timings below will not be exact.
  • Talks will last approximately 15-20 minutes. Most will include a Q&A – so be sure to get some questions ready and join the conversation on Twitter! (Use #lassocon2)
  • Some talks may run over. That’s the nature of live events…
  • We’re going to have an “After Party” on Zoom – only for attendees.

December 4th – Lasso Con – Day 1

  • 12pm: Warm Welcome from Team Lasso Con: An introduction from me (Thea Newcomb) before turning over to her co-founders Chris Yeh and Tim Taylor. Chris Yeh and Heidi Behr - talk Mental Health at Lasso Con 2
  • 12:10pm: “Fireside: Ted Lasso and Mental Health” – Chris Yeh and Heidi Behr. Crisannn and Tim talk Cancer survival at Lasso Con 2
  • 12:30–12:50 “The Joy of Surrender”Tim Taylor & Crisann Morgan

Lasso Con - AJ and Ted Lasso is Life

  • 1pm – “ACE in the Hole: An Interview with Editor A.J. Catoline”Ted Lasso is Life (Kevin Duong) talks to A.J. Catoline
    David talks Mgmt and Myths Lasso Con
  • 1:25pm – “The Messianic Manager and the Power of Myth” – David Kilpatrick women of ted lasso - lasso con 2 Corrin, Jen and Andrea
  • 1:40pm: “The Women of Ted Lasso: Empowerment, Friendship & The Lasso Way” – Corrin Cafferty, Jen Rachow, Andrea DiMauro-Walton
  • 2:00pm – “Day 1 – That’s a Wrap” – recap of day one and promotion of day 2.

December 5th – Lasso Con – Day 2

  • Corentin Conversations at Lasso Con
    12pm: “Welcome Back” from Team Lasso Con 
  • 12:05pm: “Confronting Difficult Conversations” Corentin Cremet Lasso Con Peanut Butter and Biscuits
  • 12:30pm: “Peanut Butter & Biscuits: Top 5 Tedisms” – Craig McFarland & Jeremy Goeckner Ted Lasso Book Club at Lasso Con 2
  • 12:45pm: “Ted Lasso Book Exchange: Books I Would Gift to AFC Richmond” – Andrea DiMauro Walton & Michaela Hunter
    Nicky Austin - Ted Lasso MUA in convo with Ted Lasso Is Life
  • 1:00pm: “Hair and Makeup Breakdown: An Interview with Nicky Austin” – Kevin Duong talks to MUA Nicky Austin
    Ted Lasso A Queer Perspective with Lisa and Gina
  • 1:20pm: “Ted Lasso: A Queer Reading” – Gina Gomez & Lisa Gomez Lasso Con Pop Quiz
  • 1:40pm:Brainy BANTR: Ted Trivia Game” – Pop Quiz with Quiz Mistress Laci Dill (and a bit of help from yours truly)

We will have some prizes to give away from some amazing Ted Lasso creatives.

So What Else…?

If you’re attending Lasso Con 2 – please tag us on social with #lassocon2

The event will be taking place using Crowdcast. Don’t worry, if you can’t make Lasso Con 2, then you can always catch the replay. It should all simply be on the same url – lassocon.com There is another Lasso Con post. Follow Lasso Con on Twitter here and subscribe to the Lasso Con youtube if you’re passing.

Social Media Links

Please be sure to follow everyone from the Lasso Con 2 team on social media at the following profiles.

Speakers/Guests/Contributors – etc:

Finally, last but not least a very special thanks to Stephen O’Donnell from Going Live Events

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