Who is Thea Newcomb - Canva Expert, trainer and affiliate


I’m Thea Newcomb, an official Canva Expert, Affiliate and Trainer based in the UK.

If you need Canva training and support, then I am here for you. As a “Verified Global Canva Expert”, trainer and Affiliate, I am here to help you stand out, be more consistent, attract more customers and ultimately make you more money.

Since joining in 2014, I have been helping businesses, charities, organisations and individuals around the globe use Canva. Canva saves you time, makes you look good and keeps you consistent in all your marketing activities.Head straight to my Canva training page here.

In addition to the latest Canva news, I also talk a lot about creativity tools, resources and print on demand.

A little bit more…

If you have some questions, feel free to connect with me Thea Newcomb on Linkedin.

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You can learn a bit more about my background here and my blog.

As I mentioned before, I don’t just blog about Canva, I also cover self-publishing with KDP and print on demand tools ’80s music.

Sometimes I talk about Ted Lasso – my new fave show of all time!

As ever you can grab a FREE 45 Day Canva Pro Trial Here.

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