Canva overwhelm got you down? Unlock its magic and create with confidence.

Do you want to learn more about what Canva has to offer? Ever find yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of Canva options and features? Would you love to use it more quickly, efficiently, and without frustration? Do you wish to feel more confident in your Canva creations, ensuring they’re as professional as you are?

If any of these strike a familiar chord, you’re in the right place.

Canva Expert and Trainer

I am Thea Newcomb, a “Verified Expert” who specialises in helping seasoned business professionals like you amplify your Canva skills, ensuring your visuals and videos are as professional as you are.

Think of me as your ‘Canva Tour Manager.’ With a decade of experience, I’ll guide you from Canva dabbler to design dynamo. 

We’ll unlock Canva’s full potential through live workshops, webinars, and 1:1 sessions, empowering you to create pitch-perfect presentations, thumb-stopping videos, and on-brand social media content.

From FREE to VIP, there’s something to cater to all budgets and learning styles. Ready to unleash your inner Canva rockstar? Let’s roll and make your visuals shine, one click at a time.