How to Create Word Search Books for Kindle Scribe in A Book Creator

how to create a word search book for kindle scribe using a book creator

How to Create a Word Search Book for Kindle Scribe (and other Tablets)

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If you’re new here, Welcome. I’m Thea Newcomb, a Canva Verified Expert and self-publishing enthusiast. During the pandemic, I used A Book Creator to create my best-selling Word Search books. I loved the tool so much I become a “Lifetime member” and later its UK Brand Ambassador. In this tutorial, I want to share with you the steps I previously used to create physical books, which I’m now creating specifically as Interactive Word Searches for the Kindle Scribe and tablets!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

What’s Your Topic?

When I think of topics, it has to be things I am most interested in – e.g. Scotland or 80s music. I think about ideas for categories I can use for each one. For 80s bands, it might be band names or song titles. In my video tutorial, you’ll see I used the band Blancmange, primarily because I was playing their vinyl at the time and they bring back great memories.

Log into A Book Creator Log onto ‘A Book Creator’

This is a paid-for tool, but you can get a 3-day FREE trial. Of course, you might be saying “Thea, there are plenty of other tools, free and pro, out there that can create Word Searches for you,” and you’re right. What’s essential for these types of books though, is that A Book Creator creates your Word Search puzzles (or 11 other puzzle types!) in the correct format for the Kindle Scribe specifically with a click of a button. It’s not just a normal PDF; it’s a linked one with an Index.

Open the Word Search Puzzle Tool

Open the word search puzzle tool for Kindle Scribe

Once you’re logged into A Book Creator, you’re going to want to select the Word Search Puzzle tool (you can choose to do number searches too, but as a dyslexic, I might find that one harder to do). I always do actual Word Searches personally, but you do you.

Choose Kindle Scribe in your Word Search settings box in A Book Creator.

Book Settings

Under puzzle settings, you’ll want to make sure you tick the box for Kindle Scribe. Then proceed to set your font type/size for navigation links, your index (change it to ‘Home’ if you want), and how you want your navigation button to look – e.g. colours or rounded etc.

When it comes to font sizes, I find it can take me a few attempts to get the look and sizing I want.

What is Large Print?

Large print is generally 16-point font and up (though I’ve seen some say it’s 18-point). I often split the difference and go for 17, but again it varies and I don’t always know until I make the puzzle (in a later step).

I always upload my brand fonts into A Book Creator. Make sure you have a font that is FREE for commercial use or that you’ve purchased your font so that it is ready for commercial use.

Upload your own fonts here.

A Book Creator Puzzle Settings for Interactive Word Search books.

Puzzle Settings

Under Puzzle Settings, you have the options to choose how many puzzles you want to create, the starting number, words per puzzle, letters across and letters down. Select the direction you want your words to go in and if you want a box around your puzzle. I always leave most of those just set on default but you can customise accordingly.

Title and word settings for Word Search BookTitle and Word Settings

Now moving on to your word settings. Here you can set your Title, Puzzle, and Word List settings – including font type, size and spacing between. Choose to alphabetise your word list or not, as the case may be. I never do because I generally do music, and I like to mix it up.

When it comes to your Word List, you can enter words or use AI. I, of course, rarely use AI to make my lists. I’ve never once done that in A Book Creator. I have used ChatGPT in the past to get me started, but I use a variety of sources, including Google and Wikipedia, to get song titles, band names, places etc.

Setting your book's colour settings, backgrounds, font colours etc.Colour Settings

For the Colour Settings page, you can set your various background colours, button colours and so forth. For the Kindle Scribe, it’s only black and white, so it’s a wee bit pointless, but for the iPad and other colour tablets, then colour could be kind of nifty, right?

The only time I have ever changed colours in A Book Creator was when I was making content for social media, and I wanted it to be “on brand”, but you do you…

Front and Back Matter Pages for the Kindle Scribe and Tablets.

Front and Back Matter Pages

These Front and Back Matter pages are worth putting some time into. Examples of Front Matter pages might be a “Cover”, introduction, instructions, title pages, copyright, and anything else relevant to you and your book.

The Back Matter pages can contain references (if relevant), author bios, and an index.

I’m using them to provide more about Totally Content and links to my blog, my shop, and the various social media channels.

Once you have everything set up to your liking, we can create our puzzle.

Your Word List

Creating your word list can be done anywhere you want to compile it – Word, a text file, or a spreadsheet. Honestly, it’s probably best to use a spreadsheet because then you know you’ve got the right number of words for your puzzles. For my larger books – between 600-1200 words, I’d even colour code them according to categories. That can take some time.

So I have my words alphabetised in my Google spreadsheet, then I always hop over to ( to mix up my words. Totally optional, it’s just how I roll.

Create Your Book

Once happy with the list, copy from the spreadsheet (or and paste it in A Book Creator and click the button to create the book. Examine your book and see how it looks. It can take a few tweaks to get it to look right in terms of font sizes and alignment etc. I often end up with many versions of the book until I get the one I want to share with people.

Have My Book, What Now?

Now you have your wonderful interactive PDF for Kindle Scribe, iPad or other tablets, what can you do with it?

Well, you can sell them on your own website. You can sell them on Etsy. Beyond Etsy, consider platforms like Gumroad, SendOwl, or Creative Market, which cater to digital products and may have audiences interested in interactive puzzles or other marketplaces.

Bundle a few different puzzle types to sell. Create a subscription model where customers receive new puzzle books monthly, either through your website or a platform like Patreon.

Use them as lead magnets to capture email addresses. It’s even possible to give them away for fun.

Think creatively and find your own path. The world is your oyster, my friend.

Try A Book Creator for FREE Now

You’ve seen how easy it is to create Interactive PDFs for Kindle Scribe and other tablets. Are you ready to give A Book Creator a test drive for FREE for 3 days? By the way, if you opt for the year and use my code ‘Podinscot’, you’ll get 10% off an annual plan which is under $100 and you lock in at the lower rate for as long as you have your subscription. Prices are going up for Q4, so get in there quick!

Watch the video

Here’s a screen record of what I walked you through above if you’re more of a visual learner. I had a croaky voice this week, so it’s just music, no voice!

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