Tomorrow’s the Big Day – Younique UK!

Hey Hey Younique UK!

One More Day - Younique UK & Ireland launches #teamthea

Happy Halloween everyone. So tomorrow Younique UK finally launches (and in Ireland too!) I am excited to be able to promote the various products in earnest!

Since last week’s post on the Reasons I joined Younique, I’ve been busy learning as much as I can about the different products they have on offer. There are so many videos, articles, reviews, presenter phone calls  and Facebook groups to be perusing.

The uber popular Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes (which get purchased more than 15,000 units a day), will no doubt be fun, but I am not sure that will be one of my personal faves. I am perhaps more excited about some of the collections – the eye and lipliners and so forth. I am definitely more of a lippy-sort-of gal (in every sense of the world). Ha!

Lucrative Lip Gloss
Click the image to buy the lipgloss individually.

I await my starter kit which has been shipped from Utah. It should be here any day now.  I am just trying to build some momentum with my new company! I’ve never done this Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Sales before and frankly it’s a steep learning curve already. It’s even a little daunting.

You can become a part of my Younique UK team as someone who just wants to buy the products to use themselves, someone who wants to sell the products to their family and friends and connections, or as someone who wants to grow a really big team and try to make a living out of it.

For as many people who seem to to do the latter, there seems to be 10000x as many who never make any money at all. I’m trying to work out my best way forward – given I am (hopefully) not a pushy sales person. No one likes to be sold to. I certainly don’t want to be one of those people that my friendly colleagues start to avoid at networking events — #nohardsell is my motto – but of course, some selling will be necessary. It’s all about finding the balance! Right?

My first proper soiree is now on over on Thea’s Official Younique UK Launch Party. Go take a look – no purchase necessary, just see what we’re up to ok?

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